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Macquarie Valley Weeds Committee Inc. (MVWC) and Lachlan Valley Weeds Advisory Committee (LVWAC) provide regional strategic planning, project coordination and advice on weed management to a broad stakeholder base across central and western NSW. The committees provide a forum for member organisations to collaborate and share ideas. They also seek to raise awareness of current weed issues in the community.

Member councils have a long history of collaboration, dating back to the late 1970’s with the formation of the Macquarie Valley Johnson Grass Eradication Committee. Original members were Local Control Authorities (LCA’s) as the agencies responsible for the implementation of noxious weed legislation. Membership has since increased to include Local Land Services (previously Livestock Health and Pest Authorities and Catchment Management Authorities), NSW DPI - Lands, Office of Environment and Heritage, and other related agencies. The committees took on a more structured coordinating role in 2010 with the introduction of the Weeds Action Program, a NSW Government initiative to reduce the impact of weeds across the state. 

In 2014 the Natural Resource Commission completed a review into weed management in NSW. A key outcome of the reforms recommended by the commission, as supported by the NSW Government, was the establisment of 11 new Regional Weed Committees based on LLS boundaries. The Weeds Action Program 2015-2020 (WAP1520) followed these recommendations, alligning WAP1520 projects with LLS regions rather than weed advisory committees. In response, LVWAC have chosen to continue as an informal group and no longer have a role coordinating WAP projects. MVWC however, took on the role of coordinating the development and submission of three projects on behalf of the Central Tablelands, Central West and Western LLS regions. To maintain continuity, MVWC have continued as an active committee and are currently working with LLS’ across the region to establish new Regional Weed Committees. A Regional Project Officer is employed by MVWC, through Orange City Council as Lead Agency, to manage the WAP projects and to work with the new RWCs in developing strategic documents, including Regional Strategic Weed Management Plans. These documents will form a critical role in the implementation of the incoming Biosecurity Act 2015.

Now covering over 55% of NSW, MVWC, together with the new Central Tablelands, Central West, Western and North West LLS Regional Weed Committees, will build on the legacy of strong weed management in the region.



Local Control Authorities and Local Land Services

Local Government such as shire councils or county councils (collectively known as LCA’s), control priority weeds on council controlled lands such as reserves and roadsides. They also promote and enforce, where necessary, control of weeds on privately owned and managed lands.

Local Land Services (LLS) (formerly known as Livestock, Health and Pest Authority and Catchment Management Authorities) control priority weeds on LLS controlled lands such as Travelling Stock Routes.

Member LLS’s of MVWC/LVWAC include:


Central Tablelands Region

  • Central Tablelands LLS
  • Cabonne Council
  • Cowra Council
  • Mid Western Regional Council
  • Orange City Council
  • Upper Macquarie County Council


Central West Region

  • Central West LLS

  • Bogan Shire Council

  • Dubbo Regional Council

  • Forbes Council

  • Lachlan Council

  • Narromine Shire Council

  • Parkes Shire Council

  • Weddin Shire Council

  • Castlereagh Macquarie County Council


Western Region

  • Western LLS
  • Balranald Shire Council
  • Bourke Shire Council
  • Brewarrina Shire Council
  • Broken Hill City Council
  • Cobar Shire Council
  • Wentworth Shire Council
  • Western Lands


NSW Department of Primary Industries - Lands

  • Far West Region - Unincorporated area


Office of Environment and Heritage - National Parks and Wildlife Service

  • Far West Region
  • Western Rivers Region
  • Northern Plains Region
  • Blue Mountains Region

MVWC EXECUTIVES for 2019 – 2020


 Roger Smith

 Mobile: 0419 011 002


 Senior Vice Chairman

 Andrew Cosier

Mobile: 0429 207 791


 Junior Vice Chairman




 C/ Orange City Council

 PO Box 35, ORANGE NSW 2800

Ph: 02 6393 8057



Management Committee

Roger Smith

Andrew Cosier

Chris Jackson

Steve Watts

























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