Macquarie Valley & Lachlan Valley

Weeds Advisory Committees



  • Castlereagh Macquarie County Council
  • Centrogen

    Centrogen delivers vegetation management solutions to Governments, industry, business interest groups and the broader community through the development and integration of services and information programs.

  • Department of Environment and Heritage

    For information on weeds threatening biodiversity and management of weeds in National Parks

  • North West LLS Invasive Species Report
  • NSW Primary Industries

    For links to noxious weed declaration databases, weed publications and other helpful information

  • NSW WeedWise

    NSW WeedWise contains over 300 noxious and environmental weeds. Search by common or scientific name, or by local government area

  • PlantNET

    Compiled and edited by staff of the National Herbarium of New South Wales, this site has an extensive database of plants, including weeds, found in NSW

  • Serrated Tussock Working Party for NSW & ACT

    The Serrated Tussock Working Party is a landholder based group formed in 2006 in response to public concern at the potential for increasing the adverse effects of serrated tussock for the environment and agricultural production in New South Wales and the ACT.

  • The Weeds Information Network

    The Weed's Network helps stakeholders in natural resource management and agriculture learn more about invasive plants and weed control systems. The key aim of the site is to foster ongoing agroecosystem viability and resilience in an environment of changing human priorities.

  • Weeds Australia

    An Australian Weeds Committee National Initiative

  • Weeds CRC

    Weeds Cooperative Research Centre - now closed however publications are accessible thorugh this site

  • Weeds in Australia

    The Weeds in Australia web site brings together information on weeds and weeds management at the national level

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