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Botanical Name: Pyracantha angustifolia
Other Common Names: Orange firethorn


  Not Declared
Landholder Responsibilities:
Why Is It Bad?: Spiny shrub to 5m, firethorn invades natural environments, roadsides and riparian zones. Dense infestations exclude native vegetation and restrict access due to the large spines that grow at ends of stems.


Habit: Shrub
Leaves: Leaves are thin, oblong, to 7cm, thick, shiny dark green on upper surface, grey-green and furry underneath, with prominent mid-vein.
Flowers: Flowers are white with 5 petals, 8-12mm diameter and occur in spring to early summer.
Fruit: Bright orange or yellow fruit form prolifically in autumn. Fruit has a flattened bottom, 6-9mm and can be downy.
Roots: Will regrow from the crown

Control Methods

Manual Removal: Small plants can be hand-pulled, being sure to remove as much of the root system as possible to reduce the likelihood of regrowth. Any fruit, even if only semi-ripe, should be disposed of responsibly.
Chemical Use: Smaller plants are effectively controlled with spot spraying. Large plants can be treated with cut-and-paint or drill-and-fill. Treatment should occur before fruit develops.
Slashing & Cutting:
Biological Control:
Cultivation & Scalping:


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Image Credit: Megan Power

Image Credit: Megan Power

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